Industrial zone is a part of the territory of the Republic of Macedonia owned by the Republic of Macedonia, a specially fenced and marked area that is a functional unit in which activities are performed under conditions prescribed by the Law on Industrial Zones and other laws. The founder of an industrial zone may be a unit of local self-government or the Government of the Republic of Macedonia. The zone operator may be a public enterprise or a company established by the local government unit when the founder of the zone is the local government unit, or the Directorate for Technological Industrial Development Zones when the zone founder is the Government of the Republic of Macedonia. Any natural person registered as a sole proprietor under the Company Law and / or a legal person registered as a trading company under the Company Law, who owns part of the land, carrying on business may be the owner of part of the zone. in the zone and which has concluded an activity contract with the founder of the zone and has been issued a decision to start a business.

In the South-East Planning Region, several industrial zones have been identified which are located in the following municipalities: