Investment Guide




It is our pleasure to present you the Investment Guide for the South-East Region of Republic of Macedonia. Its main aim is to outline the opportunities for investment in the South-East Reagion, the national and regional policies, the measures for support of investments, and the features of the existing industrial zones and indvestment locations available in the region.

Geographically, the South-East Region includes the territory of the south-east part of Macedonia, or more precisely, the region of Strumica-Radovish and Gevgelija-Valandovo Valley, following the flow of the River Strumica and Vardar. The region borders Greece to the South and Bulgaria to the East, wheras on the North and West, it borders with the East and Vardar Planning Region. According to the population projections for 2014, the region has 173.457 citizens, or 8,48% of the total population in the Republic of Macedonia. In terms of space, the Region covers a total area of 2.835 км2, or a 10,9% from the total area of the country. The population density is 61,2 inhabitantsper km2. In terms of administrative division, the South-East region consists of ten municipalities: Bogdanci, Bosilovo, Valandovo, Vasilevo, Gevgelija, Dojran, Konche, Novo Selo, Radovish, and the municipality of Strumica.

In order to cover all required information about the country, the region, and its municipalities, and enable investors to make informative decisions, the Investment Guide consists of four sections. The first section provides an overview of Republic of Macedonia (geography, political system and economy), outling the advatages of the country as a favourable location for your investment. The second part provides an overview of the business environment, containing detailed information of the legal and institutional frameworks for doing businesses in Republic of Macedonia. This section starts with the legal forms for establishing a business, followed by a description of the legal framework for doing business, taxation, management of the workforce, licences for state construction land, and real-estate, along with the possibilities for a financial assistance for the investors. The third part contains general information about the South- East Region profilining its advatnages and outling the opportunities it offers as a favourable location for your investments. The fourth part presents each of the ten municipalities and their investment potentials. Basic information about each municipality is given separately, including a short information of the municipality, its traffic connections, human capital, local economy, with a special emphasis on the industrial zones and investment locations.

The Investment Guide is prepared as a part of the project “Expanding the functions of the Centres for development of the planning regions towards the implementation of activities/services for support of the private sector” financed by the Ministry of Local Self- Government. The project is implemented by the Centre for Development of the South-East Region of Republic of Macedonia.

I firmly belive that this Guide will provide you with useful information and will help you make informative decisions for investing in some of the industrial zones and/or locations in the South-Eastern region of the Republic of Macedonia.

Respectfully yours,

Zulieta Gjurkova


Centre for Development of the South-East Planning Region