Municipality of Vasilevo is in its final stage of development of local urban planning documentation for the cadastre parcels 1160 and 1162 in the settlement Vladevci earmarked for the construction of hotel complexes. The total area of the site is 30,000 m2 located near the settlement Vladevci. The infrastructure of this site is intended to be addressed in combination, that is the supply of water through the village water supply network of Vladevci , as well as through its own artesian well within the construction lot . The construction of the wells will be made on the basis of hydrogeological investigations that will determine the capacity and quality of groundwater. Fecal waste water will drain into absorbing wells within the construction lot.

Potential investors can obtain more detailed information in the Municipality of Vasilevo after completion of the process of preparing the urban planning documentation.

Images of the industrial zone Vladevci


Area size 654.600 m2
Percentage of construction 20%.
Ownership 20% state, 80% private
Location (distance of the industrial zone to the Municipality center) 500 m.
Infrastructure accessible roads, substation, lighting, water and sewer lines
Companies working in the industrial zone Triterol (gas station with a restaurant), Evromak (purchase of agricultural products, food coolers), MT promet (warehouse for storage of agricultural products)


No. of construction lot

Land area

Area foreseen for construction (m2)

Max allowed height up to attic (m)

Initial price of the land (den / m2)

Compensation for arrangement of construction land – price (den / m2)


GP 1.1

10.955 5.433





GP 1.2

16.649 8.324





GP 1.3 15.839 7.919 DUP 61 240 G2,G3,G6


Location of the industrial zone„GRADASORCI“


Images of the industrial zone„GRADASORCI“